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Эл. № 77-45977 

Издается с 2000 года

Экономическая социология входит в индекс цитирования Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) из Web of Science Core Collection.

Выпускается при поддержке Национального исследовательского университета "Высшей школы экономики"
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Economic Sociology (Electronic Journal)

Chief Editor: Prof. Vadim Radaev (radaev@hse.ru)

 Leaflet about the journal

The electronic journal 'Economic Sociology' is on the web since fall 2000. The main objective of the journal is to introduce the outcomes of most recent research in the field and share relevant information with scholars engaged in the enterprise of economic sociology. Russian speaking professional audience is the main target group. Thus, a major part of texts are presented in Russian though some papers can be found in original English version. Given a scarcity of electronic resources related to economic sociology in Russian Internet this new venture is viewed as an important development.

'Economic Sociology' is a bi-monthly journal released in five issues in annual volume (July-August are excluded). The 49th issue (Vol. 11, No. 3, May 2010) is now available. Each issue contains about 150 standard pages on average (about 1.5 MB in PDF format). Free access is provided.

Each Journal issue presents papers and information organised along the following rubrics:

  • 'Interviews' contains texts of interviews collected with the leading international scholars in the field of economic sociology and related areas.
  • 'New Texts' present most recent original papers in economic sociology and institutional economics.
  • 'New Translations' offer translations, which have just been finished and prepared for publication.
  • "Beyond the Borders" gives the overview of the studies in the related to economic sociology sciences 
  • 'Insight from the Regions' invites papers of the scholars from the provincial Universities of Russia.
  • 'Debut Studies' gives the floor to the best MA and PhD students.
  • 'Professional Reviews' are devoted to the state of art in different countries. We are thankful to the Economic Sociology European Newsletter providing excellent reviews for translation. Major electronic resources relevant to economic sociology are reviewed here as well.
  • 'Book reviews' attract attention to most important books published in Russia and abroad.
  • 'Research projects' present the outlines of ongoing research carried out by Russian scholars in the field.
  • 'Teaching Materials' give wide access to reading lists of the advanced lecture courses.
  • 'Conferences' share information on the events, which already happened or planned for the future.

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