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Empirical legal studies article contest

The Institute for the Rule of Law at the European University at Saint-Petersburg is proud to announce a writing contest in partnership with the Journal of Economic Sociology. We seek to identify the best unpublished articles in empirical legal studies.
Empirical legal studies (ELS) is an interdisciplinary field that engages in empirical research of law. Building on and borrowing from social sciences, ELS comprises law and society, law and economics, socio-legal studies, as well as law and development research. All these fields study legal institutions, law enforcement, legislation, law in books and in action with the aid of empirical data (quantitative or qualitative).

You are invited to submit academic papers on the below topics:
  • studies of courts or law enforcement;
  • procedural research (criminal, civil, administrative, arbitration);
  • government studies (including regulation and oversight);
  • legislative studies (employing empirical data);
  • criminology and victimology;
  • access to justice and mobilization of law;
  • other topics in empirical legal studies.

Submission requirements

Any submission to the contest must be a novel written contribution based on empirical research that has not been published, submitted, or under revision elsewhere. Submissions cannot be less that 6 thousand words and cannot exceed 12 thousand words (not including references). The first page of the submitted manuscript has to include the title of the article, name and affiliation of the author, his/her academic degree and contact details (email address), abstract (200-250 words), and up to 6 keywords.
We accept submissions in English or Russian.
Submissions must follow the requirements of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Economic Sociology (https://ecsoc.hse.ru/en/author_requirements_en). We thank you for submitting the texts electronically to ecsoc@hse.ru (please specify “Competition Empirical Legal Studies” in the subject line).

Participation rules and limitations

We will not accept submissions from anyone who has ever received any remuneration or monetary compensation from the Institute for the Rule of Law. Participation in schools or other activities of the Institute (not resulting in taxable income) is not an obstacle for participation in the contest. Submissions cannot be based on empirical data that is uniquely available at the Institute.

The winners will receive cash prizes:

  • first place – 50 000 rubles,
  • second place – 25 000 rubles,
  • third place –15 000 rubles

Please note that although these cash prizes are not subject to social security contributions, they are subject to personal income tax.

Submissions for the competition are accepted until September 1, 2019.
Each participant will receive email confirmation from the Editorial Board acknowledging receipt of their submission.

The selection of winners will take three stages.
At the first stage the experts will produce a shortlist of nominees. This list will be published on the website of the Journal of Economic Sociology on September 15, 2019.
At the second stage, the Editorial Board of the Journal of Economic Sociology will forward the shortlisted submissions to external experts for independent review. Referee reports will be provided to the shortlisted nominees by October 15, 2019, after which the authors will revise and resubmit their manuscripts by December 20, 2019.
The winners will be announced by the jury not later than January 20, 2020 and published on the website of the Journal of Economic sociology. The Editorial Board plans to publish the winning articles in 2020.
The organizers reserve the right to award one or two winners.

For questions related to the competition, please contact Natalia Conroy at ecsoc@hse.ru.

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