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Frank Dobbin

Political Culture and Industrial Rationality

2004. Vol. 5. No. 1. P. 45–62 [issue contents]

By the XХ century the USA, France and UK had worked out the really different strategies towards industrial growth, those are followed nowadays as well even in spite of the considerable political changes. The author’s goal was to show the differences in the parallel of the industrial policy paradigms of these countries and their traditional paradigms of the political systems. He assumed that the discovering of their interdependence is the key to the understanding of why the differences in the current policies of the countries still take place. Studding the impact of the state institutions of the beginning of the XIX century on the following development policies in the area of railway industry the author tried to understand when and why the industrial cultures start to reshape in political cultures. He argues that underlining the social processes as constitutional ones for the social order and the other processes as destructive ones, the institutionalized political culture formed the types of industrial practices which the countries tried to construct and practices that they tried to prevent from appearing. In other words the political culture created the means that were used by the countries for the goal achievement of the industrial organization and growth by giving the symbolic meaning to the particular casual effects in the social life.  

Citation: Dobbin Frank (2004) Politicheskaya kul'tura i industrial'naya ratsional'nost' [Political Culture and Industrial Rationality ] Economic Sociology, 1, pp. 45-62 (in Russian)
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