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2005. Vol. 6. No. 5

Full text of the journal

Editor’s Foreword
P. 4–5


Carlo Trigilia
10 Questions about Economic Sociology to Carlo Trigilia
P. 6–11

New Texts

Marina Shabanova
Socio-Economics and Economic Sociology: the Points of Differences and Integration
P. 12–27

The author tries to demonstrate the differences and points for integration of socio-economics and economic sociology. This is the first detailed review on this issue that was done in Russian language.

New Translations

Bernar Conver, Johan Heilborn
Second Birth of the Economic Sociology: Economic Sociology in the USA
P. 28–52

Paradoxical, but we could not find any thoughtful review about the situation in the USA, where the economic sociology takes the leading positions. However the Journal (and the Reader of “Western Economic Sociology”) published the famous paper by Richard Swedberg “New Economic Sociology: What Has Been Accomplished, What Is Ahead?” (2004. Т. 5. № 4. С. 37–55). But it was more review of the main fields of the new economic sociology raised in the USA than the pure country review.  Finally we managed to find the text which describes the detailed history of the new economic sociology appearance in the USA. The analysis was done in relation both towards key researchers and research groups and universities.  The text is published in the rubric of “New Translations”. The authors of this material are the French scientists. 

Insight from the Regions

Ludmila Cheglakova
The Changes in the Personnel Management Practices in Russian Companies
P. 53–68

Basing on the ethnographical cases and analysis of the first documents and interviews the author of the paper demonstrates how the practices of personnel management do differ depending on the enterprise goals.  

Debut Studies

Ekaterina Golovlyanitsina
Stratification Categories in Mass Media in 1995–2003
P. 69–107

Here is the short version of the master thesis that was devoted to the problem of articulation of the stratification categories in mass media press in 1995-2003. The paper analyses the usage of the different categories in scientific sociological papers and mass media press. With the help of the electronic data set “Integrum” the author presents the analysis of the frequencies of these categories usage and meanings that are put into them.  The research comprises both stratification and ideological aspects. As the result plenty of cases were described when and how the terms were used in different types of information sources.

Professional Reviews

Ivan Zabaev
Orthodox Christianity and Economy. The Review of the Russian Research, Dissertations, and Conferences Disputes on Social-Economic Approaches а Russian Orthodox Church in XIX-XXI Centuries.
P. 108–144

New Books

Efim Fidrya
Book Review: Radaev Vadim “Economic sociology: textbook for higher educational institutions”(2005)
P. 145–148

Toschenko G. “Sociology of labour: the experience of first reading” (2005)
P. 149

Sociology of Labour. Theoretical and applied dictionary / ed. by Yadov (2005)
P. 149

Social Organization of Industrial Plant: the Ratio of Planned and Spontanous Processes. General Project AS USSR (1968-1973). First published / ed. by N. Lapin (2005)
P. 149

Research Projects

Roman Abramov
Expert Power of Managers in the Contemporary Russia: Sociological Analysis
P. 150–153


Evgenia Nadezhdina
Theory and Practice of Advertisement Communication
P. 154–162


International Scientific Conference “Reforms’ Planning and Institutional Changes in Russia” (October 19–20, 2005, Saint-Petersburg)
P. 163–165

4th Scientific Conference of the Independent Institute for Social Policy «Social Policy: Challenges of the XXI Century» (December 8–9, 2005, Moscow)
P. 166–170

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