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2007. Vol. 8. No. 1

Full text of the journal

Editor’s Foreword
P. 4–5


Zoya Kotelnikova, Elena Alexandrova, Maria Pravdina
ES-Forum: Information Bulletin of the Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology of HSE
P. 6–8

New Texts

Vadim Radaev
What is Market: Socio-Economic Approach
P. 9–26

The end. The beginning see in 2006. Т. 7. № 5. The second part of the paper is devoted to the analysis of the assumptions of socio-economic and marketing approaches. The author formulates and supports the principle of methodological pluralism in contemporary market studies. 

New Translations

Richard Scott
Competing Logics in Healthcare: Professional, State and Managerial
P. 27–44

The authors of this paper were not only trying to through the light on the changes that have taken place in healthcare during the last 50 years in one of the American cities but also made an attempt to work out an analytical scheme applicable to study other fundamental institutional changes. Despite the fact that the used data period ends by 1995 the main tendencies are relevant nowadays as well. 

Insight from the Regions

Marina Makarova
"End of Labour": Myth or Reality of Postindustrialism
P. 45–52

More and more western researchers use term “end of labour” in their studies of contemporary socio-economic systems of developed countries. This notion characterizes the tendencies linked with the changes of the labour meaning and reallocation and vanishing of the class industrialism relations. In order to have a detailed analysis of labour process transformation and future of labour we need to consider a list of aspects that are more likely to be changes in the contemporary society. The author of the paper focuses on the meaning, structure and personal characteristics of the labour which reflect aspects of changes.

Debut Studies

Yulia Nikitina
Trust as Element of Life Insurance Market Structure
P. 53–75

The author focuses on the analysis of the forms and the role of trust in the structure of the market of the services of life insurance. Particularly on this market we could easily trace the role of trust. As we trust the insurance company not only money but our lives. The question is how much a consumer has to trust the company in this case? The research is done on the basis of the expert interviews and R-TGI data.

Professional Reviews

Nikita Andriyashin
The Term of Market in Marketing
P. 76–86

New Books

Svetlana Barsukova Rigidities of Soft Networks. Book Review on: Sennet R. Character Corrosium. Translation from English (2004)
P. 87–93

Roman Abramov. Passing Through the Junle of Post-soviet Reality. Book review on Humphrey C. “The Unmaking of Soviet Life: Everyday Economies After Socialism” (2002)
P. 94–102

Research Projects

Andrey Shevchuk
Self-Employment of Highly Qualified Employees: Working Strategies and Motivation
P. 103–108


Vera Danilina
Contemporary Forms and Methods of Competition Between Companies
P. 109–118

Vera Danilina
Methodology of Business Games Application in Students’ Education of Economic Specialties
P. 119–128


How to Get out of There or The Queen Asks to Hurry Up. The review of the section “Path dependency problem in socio-economic development of Russia”. 14th Symposium “Ways of Russia: path dependency of society development” (January 26-27, 2007)
P. 129–130

Russian Summer School of Institutional Analysis (July 9–13, 2007)
P. 131–132

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