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Ekaterina Nemkova

Factors and Types of Consumer Behaviour in the Food Market

2008. Vol. 9. No. 5. P. 68–85 [issue contents]
The aim of the paper is to reveal the main factors affecting the choice of food products, and the analysis of behaviour offood consumers. A standardized survey of adult population was conducted in Moscow and Tumen. The analysis of thedatabase (sample comprises 540 people) allowed to define four types of consumers: conservative, wasteful, impulsiveand inconsistent. The obtained results demonstrate that people are able to ‘switch’ between these types of consumption.
Citation: Nemkova E. (2008) Faktory i tipy potrebitel'skogo povedeniya na rynke prodovol'stvennykh tovarov [Factors and Types of Consumer Behaviour in the Food Market]. Economic Sociology, vol. 9, no 5, pp. 68-85 (in Russian)
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