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Talcott Parsons, Neil Smelser

Economy and Society (translated by Mariya Dobryakova)

2011. Vol. 12. No. 4. P. 33–36 [issue contents]
The research perspective of «economy and society», renamed later into «old economic sociology», is associated with several icons of sociology, but fi rst and foremost, — with Talcott Parsons and Neil Smelser. In their book with the same title «Economy and Society» the authors made an attempt to analyze the nature of disciplinary boundaries between economics and sociology from the standpoint of system theory. They claimed economic theory to be a special case of general theory of social systems and reinterpreted main economic categories as categories of the social system. We offer you fi nal conclusions from this book.
Citation: Parsons Talcott , Smelser Neil (2011) Khozyaystvo i obshchestvo (perevod M. S. Dobryakovoy) [Economy and Society (translated by Mariya Dobryakova)] Economic Sociology, 4, pp. 33-36 (in Russian)
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