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Aleksander Poddiakov

Matrices of Human Metacapital Games: Up and Down Games for Woodman, Robber, and Professor

2012. Vol. 13. No. 3. P. 71–95 [issue contents]

Certain types of human capital (knowledge, skills, and competences) can bring some advantages (or disadvantages) to an actor and her/his counterparts. In social settings where participants are guided by distinct and opposite interests there is a premise for qualifying human capital as negative or positive depending on whether its owner damages or benefits the others. In this paper, a notion of human metacapital required for the management of human capital of other people is developed. This metacapital can be positive or negative depending on its contribution to accumulation of capital. Positive human metacapital contributes to the formation of positive human capital and impedes to the formation of negative one, and negative metacapital — vice versa.      

Interactions of owners of human metacapitals are considered as the games with human capital. The paper introduces formal statements depicting constructivity–destructivity of actors (organizers and recipients) teaching strategies, effectiveness of these strategies, etc. 

The author distinguishes three negative strategies for human capital management: non-participation in teaching (avoiding teaching), active counteraction to teaching, «Trojan» teaching. All these strategies are conducted at micro-, meso-, and macro levels.  

In general, the development of positive and negative teaching strategies is considered as a part of special activity devoted to formation and institutionalization of different types of human capital and metacapital.

Citation: Poddiakov Aleksander N (2012) Matritsy igr chelovecheskogo metakapitala: igry na povyshenie i ponizhenie stolyarov, grabiteley i professorov [Matrices of Human Metacapital Games: Up and Down Games for Woodman, Robber, and Professor] Economic Sociology, 3, pp. 71-95 (in Russian)
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