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Vadim Radaev, Svetlana Barsukova

Principles of Labour Division between Men and Women in the Current Urban Families

2001. Vol. 2. No. 2. P. 23–60 [issue contents]

Work takes a considerable part of our life; its significance is even bigger if we take into account the work at home. It is also obvious that there is visible inequality between males and females on the labour market. Despite the fact that women play an active role on the labour market they bear the most part of the home work. Even if a woman has a well-paid job she is traditionally responsible for home duties. Our knowledge in this topic is so rich that it becomes suspicious. Moreover there are a lot of feministic speculations of «downtroddenness» of Russian women that they work like men on the labour market plus they do all the home work.There are also other speculations like that the gender discrimination disappears in the cities as men are more and more engaged in home work. 

Citation: Radaev Vadim V, Barsukova Svetlana Yu (2001) Printsipy raspredeleniya truda mezhdu suprugami v sovremennoy gorodskoy sem'e [Principles of Labour Division between Men and Women in the Current Urban Families] Economic Sociology, 2, pp. 23-60 (in Russian)
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