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2002. Vol. 3. No. 1

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Editor’s Foreword
P. 3–4


Mark Granovetter
P. 5–11

Richard Swedberg
P. 12–19

New Texts

Vadim Volkov
Force Entrepreneurship in Contemporary Russia. Introduction. Part 1: Organized Crime and Market Forms: Problem Discussion
P. 20–42

In the first part and in the introduction the author gives the frames for the research of force entrepreneurship in Russia and on the basis of the rich empirical materials and the methodological approach of institutionalism formulates the questions, which will be in the focus of the book. What social-economic conditions led to the quick formation of the organized crime groups and other private force structures? Who became a member of them? What was their activity? What role did they play in the new social-economic order? What is the character of the private force structures’ evolution and how this evolution is linked with the economic market and state setting in Russia? 

Vadim Radaev
Russian Business: on the Way to Legalization?
P. 43–64

Rather big business representatives still use grey schemes for their operation but they are discussing seriously the necessity for the legalization. The costs of the legalization are too high; moreover there are other obstacles on the way to implement it. Is the legalization really possible? How should the relations between business and authorities be built? These are the questions of the study, conducted in 2001. The data base was constructed from the focused interviews with the heads of import companies of electrical and computer appliances, participating in the business association of RATEK. The main focus was the comparative evaluation of the costs of different schemes of operations with customs.

New Translations

Amitai Etzioni
Socio-economics: Further Steps
P. 65–71

In this fragment the author analyzes the current state and dynamics’ development of socio-economics in the context of its interaction and competitiveness with neoclassical theory.  The explanation power of these two paradigms is compared. The questions of infrastructural development of socio-economics are under focus.    

Insight from the Regions

Vera Tapilina, Petr Rostovtsev, Tatiana Bogomolova
The Influence of Population Income Mobility on Inequality Change
P. 72–86

The paper presents the results of the investigation of causality between income changes and inequality change in their distributions in Russia in 1990s. Income mobility is seen as a mechanism of the inequality transformation in the income distribution. The authors determine the characteristics of inequality transformation and the type of inequality dynamics in Russia in 1994-1995, 1995-1996, 1996-1998.   

Debut Studies

Eugenia Korshunova
Corporation and Corporate Solidarity: Traditions, Approaches, Russian Reality
P. 87–110

The paper provides the historical and sociological analysis of the term “corporation”: its origin and the main traditions of its use are in the focus (the tradition which stems from Durkheim and “economics” tradition in Europe and Japan). The author makes an attempt to produce empirical study of corporate solidarity in the context of modern Russia (case study of a plan in Nijniy Novgorod). It was shown that the current Russian corporation combines these two traditions inside. Individuals imagine the corporation as integral overindividual and referent group, the members of which they are at the same time.    

Professional Reviews

Javier Izqueierdo
Less is More? Economic Sociology in Spain
P. 111–121

Lena Novikova
The Review of Internet Resources on Economic sociology (part 5) – Will there be the unique information space in Russia?
P. 122–126

New Books

Nina Vishnevskaya
Russian Labour Market: Adaptation without Restructuring
P. 127–136

Aleksei Savatyugin
The History of Economic Analysis
P. 137–138

Research Projects

Social-economic Dependence of Russian Population in the Period of Reforms
P. 139–140

Cultural Peculiarities of Economic Transboundary Interactions: Regional Aspects
P. 141–142


David Stark
Economic Transformation in Eastern Europe
P. 143–157


Maria Dobryakova
The Workshop “Creation of Sociological Data in Russia: Results and Perspectives”
P. 158–166

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