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2004. Vol. 5. No. 4

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Editor’s Foreword
P. 4–5


Gary Gereffi
P. 6–21

New Texts

Soren Jagd
French Economics of Convention and Economic Sociology
P. 22–36

The French Economics of convention tradition has developed to be an influential research tradition situated in the area between economics and sociology. The aim of the paper is to explore some of the themes that may be common to economics of conventions and economic sociology by looking more closely into three recent texts from the economics of convention tradition discussing, in slightly different ways, differences and similarities between economics of convention and economic sociology. It is argued that André Orléan’s point that a common aim could be to ‘denaturalise’ the institutional foundation of markets and of money may be an occasion for economic sociology to focus even more on elaborating on the institutional void created by traditional economic theory. A second point is that economic sociology could benefit from the perspective of a plurality of forms of coordination involved in economic action.

New Translations

Richard Swedberg
New Economic Sociology: What Has Been Accomplished, What Is Ahead?
P. 37–55

Hereby the main part of the well-known paper about new economic sociology by Richard Swedberg is presented. The paper deals with the origin of the new economic sociology connected firstly with the published articles by Granovetter in 1980s. The author characterizes its three key directions for the development. We provide the second translation of this paper  (the first translation was published by the “Journal of sociology and social anthropology” [2002. Т. 5. № 2. С. 13 – 35]), which comprises a range of considerable important adjustments to this basic text.

Insight from the Regions

Victor Dyatlov, Roman Kuznetsov
«Shanghai» in the Сentre of Irkutsk. Chinese Market Ecology
P. 56–71

The Chinese market appeared at the end of 1990s in Irkutsk entered the consciousness of the urban community as Shanghai. Maybe this word unites the past experience of all the meanings of “Chinese”, “slums”, “crowd”. The market became more than just a usual place for trade. China has entered through this Shanghai market, now this is the place for meeting of two civilizations and cultures.  This is the headache for the city authorities and their tough issue to tackle. Irkutsk mass media pays constant non-kind attention to the Shanghai market.  This is the object of the criticism of “Chinese expansion” and “yellow danger” for many local policy makers. This paper considers Shanghai market both from inside point of view as social organism and outside point of view with regard to the city’s society. 

Debut Studies

Svetlana Antonchenkova
Gender Inequality on the Labour Market in Russia
P. 72–95

The goal of the paper is to analyze the current situation on the labour market in Russia focusing on the gender inequality. The object of the study is all employed population of the country.  The subject of the study is the gender inequality particularly gender segregation and gender discrimination on the labour market.  The analysis is based on the Goskomstat data and RLMS data set. 

Professional Reviews

Filiz Baloğlu
Economic Sociology in Turkey: Historical Review
P. 96–105

New Books

Maksim Storchevoi
Sociology of Markets: Excursion to the New Methodology. Critical Review on the book by Vadim Radaev “Sociology of markets: towards formation of the new approach”
P. 106–120

Andrey Zdravomyslov
Problems of Labour Organization and the Dynamics of Conflicts. Thoughts about the book by A. Zdravomyslov and V. Yadov “A man and his work in the USSR and afterwards”
P. 121–124

Research Projects

Zoya Kotelnikova
Project “New Science Formula”: the School of a Young Author «Management Problems in Science». «Con-Text»
P. 125–128


Alexander Chepurenko
Sociology of Entrepreneurship
P. 129–149


International Conference «Economic Sociology: Problems and Perspectives» (Crete University, Refimno, Greece, September 8–10, 2004)
P. 150–153

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