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2005. Vol. 6. No. 4

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Editor’s Foreword
P. 5–7


Richard Swedberg
10 Questions about Economic Sociology to Richard Swedberg
P. 8–13

New Texts

Tagir Kalimullin
Russian Market of the Dissertation Services (beginning)
P. 14–38

The goal of the paper is to analyze the reproduction mechanism of the dissertation services market in Russia. The first part of the paper is devoted to the key approaches to determine the dissertation research. Further on the problem of social embededness of the dissertation research is tackled. The considerable attention is given to the role of social networks. The institutional specifics of writing the dissertation are shown with the help of example of the exchange forms in the academic sphere.  

New Translations

Howard Aldrich
Entrepreneurial Strategies in New Organizational Populations
P. 39–53

Organization-pioneer faces the other difficulties than the organization which just continues the established tradition and follows the other thousand of organizations in the given industry.  Does it mean that this difference in conditions counts for the different strategies for pioneers and followers? The paper of one of classics of ecological approach towards the organization analysis is devoted to the problem of varieties between the organizations that live different life cycle period. The paper is a bright example of the scientific research done within the approach of the “organization ecology”. The establishment of a new organization is a rather risky thing. Despite that there are a lot of institutional restrictions the pioneers have strategies that lead to success at the end.  .

Insight from the Regions

Nina Ivashinenko
The Study of Competition Processes: Analysis of Enterprises’ Networks
P. 54–66

The variety of understanding the competition synthesizes is based on the concrete economic actor’s competitive strategy. Competitive strategy is the stable number of actions focused on the maximum effectively functioning of the enterprise on the market along with the understanding of the top-managers of these processes. The analysis of this understanding is the main aim of the paper. The key task was to disclose whether the enterprise strategy depends on how the competitors behave. The results proved that it is true, the impact is very strong. The network model allows us to reflect the process. The second question of the paper was – what is the interaction of the competing companies? It was found that in order to explain the processes we need as many networks as they have collaborations.  The depicting the centers of the network formation let us investigate the process deeper. The research was done in May-June of 2004, 120 managers were questioned; all of them were representing one of the companies in Nizhniy Novgorod. 

Debut Studies

Daria Zueva
Network Marketing as Non-Traditional Form of Economic Organization
P. 67–92

Network marketing is a way of selling goods with the help of distributors of the net who are attached to each other and work under the common rules established and followed by a company. This paper considers the network marketing as an organization with particular formal and informal rules and mechanism of control. The author compares the network marketing with other organizational forms and logics, including the case of classical bureaucracy and analyzes institutional structure of the network marketing, describes the process of formation the network organization and the role of social capital in it as well as discusses the competitiveness of the network marketing. The empirical data set includes 17 interviews with people engaged in the network marketing and review of the internet forums.  

Professional Reviews

Ekaterina Baturova
Institutional Dynamics: Proportion of Spontaneous and Aimed Actions in Establishment of the New Institutions.
P. 93–103

New Books

Efim Fidrya
Book Review: Western Economic Sociology: Reader of Contemporary Classics. М.: РОССПЭН, 2004
P. 104–110

Natalia Zubarevich
Notes of the Unprofessional Reader: Review on the Book by Vivian Zelizer “Social Meaning of Money”
P. 111–112

Research Projects

Family Strategies and Behavior on the Labor Market in Contemporary Russia (O. Sinyavskaya, S. Zakharov, D. Ibragimova, M. Kartseva)
P. 113–118


Ninel Tokarskaya, Tatiana Ozernikova
Economic Sociology
P. 119–143


7th Conference of the European Sociological Association, the Network of “Economic Sociology” (Tortun, Poland, September 9–12, 2005)
P. 144–146

17th Annual Conference of SASE (Budapest, June 30- July 2, 2005)
P. 147–156

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