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Natalya Glebovskaya

Network Privatization of Russian Science: Changes in the Practice of Knowledge and Technology Transferring

2008. Vol. 9. No. 3. P. 60–75 [issue contents]

The paper considers the changing practices of knowledge and technology transfer in Russian economy. One of key goals of the economic reforms was to accelerate the scientific and technological progress in account for the improvement of the interrelation between science and production. For this purpose the state suggested new formal institutions that better correspond to the market requirements. Institute of patents and license are among them. However the use of patent system came to be ineffective and the knowledge and technology transfer more often relies on informal relations raising as the result of scientists migration and set up of spin-off companies. Structural formations that provide the transfer of knowledge and technology has network character what leads to formation of more formalized inter-organizational relations. The share of the state companies in the field of research and development is still rather high but the border between private and social ownership in people beliefs is watering down. The process could be called network privatization of science. The research is base on the results of case-studies in the separate research organizations.

Citation: Glebovskaya Natalya V (2008) Setevaya privatizatsiya rossiyskoy nauki: izmeneniya v praktike transfera znaniya i tekhnologiy [Network Privatization of Russian Science: Changes in the Practice of Knowledge and Technology Transferring] Economic Sociology, 3, pp. 60-75 (in Russian)
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